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An intriguing lesbian vampire movie with several titles, including the official one, ‘Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural’,as well as “Lemora: The Lady Dracula” and “The Legendary Curse of Lemora”, whatever the title, it should not be missed.

LEMORA is a ’70s movie that combines Southern Gothic and sa[[hic bloodsuckers. Co-writer/director Richard Blackburn has fashioned a dreamlike movie, beautifully acted and full of surprises.

During Prohibition, 13-year-old Baptist gospel singer Lila Lee (Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith) goes to see her gangster father, unseen since he murdered Lila’s mother. The beautiful, big-eyed girl is being raised by a Reverend (Blackburn himself), in his church. She runs away to see her real father. Grabbing a bus, Lila oing to the town of who has raised her and in whose church she has become rides to the town of Astaroth, whose residents are strange looking.

Chased in the swamp by snarling beast men, she’s saved by a strange, commanding and alluring woman named Lemora (a dynamicLesley Gilb), who is impressed with the child’s beauty.

It’s actually Lemora who summoned the girl to her. She bathes the girl and we learn the beautiful, cunning Lemora is a queen vampire who preys on children. The beastmen are, in fact, feral vampires. Lemora then focuses on wanting Lila Lee for herself.

Director Blackburn shot LEMORA in Pomonna and Upland and the film looks great. Gilb and Smith make interesting villain and hero and the film has an impressive shock ending..

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