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Recently at a Shirobako Spring Festival event, The studio producers at P.A. Works took the stage to announce that a brand new Shirobako project was in production. Touted as a movie sequel to the T.V. series, the film has yet to have any substantial plot details as according to reports from attendees at the event, the Producer themselves do not know those details as the project is literally just started.

At the very least, the movie will continue Aoi’s journey from a production assistant to becoming a producer.

P.A. Work released this new image of Aoi to celebrate the announcement.

The original Shirobako  TV series follows the path of five friends that dream of working in the anime industry. After finishing an amateur anime during High School, the group vows to work together again in the anime industry and go their separate paths into the industry, each in different fields. These girls will have to navigate the tumulous world of the anime production and forge on their path to hold their promise to each other.


There is no planned release date as of yet.


Source: Shirobako Official Website and Twitter