Overwatch Receives a New Escort Map With Update

A new escort map based on Havana, featured in the Overwatch event Storm Rising, is now available to players. Havana is the latest locale to be represented by Blizzard’s team shooter, with the Escort map available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

This map based on the Cuban city contains “old colonial fortifications” and “colorful streets of the iconic coastal city.” Some tourist spots include the Don Rumbotico distillery and the Havana Sea Fort. As one can gather based on the map’s description and hot spots, the payload that must be escorted is a cart of rum barrels. The description of the map from Blizzard is as follows:

Havana is a new Escort map set in the region where one of the infamous members of Talon’s council, Maximilien, operated. For a time, this shadowy organization plagued the local populace with their corruption and crime. Eventually, an Overwatch Strike team was deployed to extract Maximilien with the purpose of gaining intel on a mysterious Talon counterpart, Doomfist.

Check out the short trailer video for the Havana map below.