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Original Story Planned for “Star Wars: Episode VII”

With Disney now owning Lucasfilm and the rights to the Star Wars franchise, what direction will the new trilogy take, and will it be based on stories already in circulation?

Some fans are speculating that the films will be based on the work of author Timothy Zahn and his “Thrawn Trilogy.” Reading the books, one would think this would be a logical direction for a film to take after the destruction of the second Death Star, the death of the Emperor, and the fall of the Empire.

So, what plots are examined and handled in the “Thrawn Trilogy?”

Well, Luke Skywalker meets a real would-be assassin lady named Mara Jade, who was trained to avenge the Emperor by crushing Luke’s pretty blond head. Instead, Jade falls for Luke and, in a subsequent graphic novel, the two marry. Skywalker also has to deal with the fact that he’s the only Jedi left, at least, for now, and he goes about trying to fix that.

Princess Leia and Han Solo also play heavily into the “Thrawn Trilogy,” popping out a pair of twins (of course) among other things. As for the name Thrawn, well, that refers to a grand admiral with Imperial sympathies who takes over as the leader of the vanquished enemy faction.

Will Disney explore Zahn’s novels or any other published work for material? Here’s what a source inside Lucasfilm had to say:

“It’s an original story.”

What’s known is “Star Wars: Episode VII” will showcase a story with characters and events that have never been seen or written about in the Star Wars Universe.

At this time, Disney will be looking for writers to carry on the work Lucas outlined. No director has been hired to tackle this legendary franchise. As for other Star Wars projects, none are currently in development.

The as of yet untitled “Star Wars: Episode VII” is expected to open in theaters in May of 2015.

Source: E!online