ONE-PUNCH MAN Anime Series is Coming Next Month

With the Summer anime season coming to an end, it’s time to look at one of next seasons biggest potential anime series (at least in my opinion), One-Punch Man.

detail_saitamaMeet Saitama, a super herp who trained so hard his hair fell out. Normally Saitama has a goofy look, can be very lazy and doesn’t look like your average hero, but in truth he may be the strongest super hero ever, just no one wants to acknowledge him. The name One-Punch Man comes from his ability to defeat pretty much any enemy with one punch, this causes Saitama to get bored easily since he can’t find a bag guy who is on his level even when he holds back.

The series parodies the super hero genre and yet still honors it, originally created as a webcomic from the man known as ONE, the webcomic became very popular leading to Yusuke Murata, the artist of Eyeshield 21, reaching out to ONE to redraw the series with his own artstyle which if you have seen the manga looks amazing and insanely detailed.


The story of One-Punch Man is set in an alternate universe where there are dozens of super heroes with different ranks and “unique names” including: Tanktop Master (who fights with a tanktop on), Metal Bat (who uses a baseball bat), License-less Rider (an armored man who rides a bicycle) just to name a few. Heroes are given nicknames by the Heroes Association that are suppose to fit them and are then are ranked by class depending on their strength and abilities. The series is filled with action and comedy usually with Saitama the comedy relief since.

One-Punch Man is currently available will be simulcasted by Viz when it airs via the Viz website and Daisuki.