the first annual Nuke the Fridge Convention.  This is a festival for the fans.  Essentially, we are celebrating fandom.  Come and join us!  So far confirmed guests include bodybuilding icon and former Mr. Universe Lou Ferrigno (The “real” Incredible Hulk), and John Schneider (Smallville, Dukes of Hazard.)  We will be announcing adding guests and talent very soon, so keep checking back for updates!

The Nuke the Fridge Convention will be held at the world famous Frank and Son Collectible Show located in the City of Industry.  There is no charge for the event and the parking is free.  The doors open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m.

This show is dedicated to the late Jason Nicholl (former co-owner of Nuke the Fridge,) and actor and friend John McGarr (House of the Wolfman) both of whom passed away in tragic automobile related accidents.

Frank & Son’s is located at 19649 San Jose Ave.

City of Industry, CA 91748

For more information or if you have any questions regarding the show give us a call at (909) 444-7955.

You can also join our Facebook “Nuke the Fridge Con” page by clicking HERE

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  1. Oscar

    I remember mr.nicholl telling my class about a website he and his friends made.So after a while i came to check it out and found out he passed away.He was my teacher for advanced tech(a computer class).I knew the guy personally….and he was a great man.I remember the last time i saw him,it was over summer vacation.I was buy the school he teached at,so i payed him a visit.He was packing up all his stuff cuz he just had gotten a pink slip.We talked for like half an hour.So when i read this i was stunned.If i knew that was gonna be the last time i was gonna talk to him….i would of stayed there for hours.R.I.P Mr.Nicholl!!

  2. wacko jacko

    How can this be an “annual” convention when its the first and how can you have a convention that is inside a convention? You dont make any sense!

  3. Sam

    I never knew Jason, well I’ll put it this way, Jason and I chatted a few times at Frank And Sons but only threw passing. He seemed like an upstanding fellow and I am greatly saddened by his death. I am in no way saying that I can even comprehend the loss his friends have felt. I am just giving my well wishes and honor to a fellow journalist.
    Fangs for the memories.


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