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As we all know, the tsunami/earthquake disaster in Tokyo has had tremendous impact on Japan and bears worldwide repercussions.  With the help of Nuke The Fridge, I am holding a benefit concert on Wednesday, April 13th with all proceeds going to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.  It will be held in the Event Area of Frank and Sons in the City of Industry, CA with the festivities kicking off at 5pm and ending when Frank and Sons closes at 9pm.

There will be no admission for this event except for a $1 minimum donation to the Red Cross at the entrance to the Event Area.  Inside the event area, there will be displays for people to look at, fan tables and cosplayers for everyone to take pictures with.  At certain points in the evening, the focus will shift to performances taking place on the main stage.

At this point, confirmed guests are the MC for the evening, Shawn “Obi-shawn” Crosby, dusting off the mike and singing some of his Star Wars music, a performance of SoCal Saber Guild’s “The Force Experience” and I will also be performing with my band, The Rebel Alliance.  We’ve got some new music for you, as well as the music from my first concert, PLUS all new band members.  The Rebel Alliance just keeps growing!

We’ll also have some special guests making appearances for you to talk to, take pictures with and get to know better.  For instance, Kit Quinn, ComicImpact.com‘s Cosplay Girl of the Year for 2010 will be in attendance, and my friends Natalie Atkins, Victoria (most recently seen in “Hughes The Force” and “Paul”) and Crystal Gardiner will also be there, rockin’ the Slave Leia bikinis!

There are a lot more surprises in store, but I’ll leave you with one more teaser… we’ll be having a raffle and one of the prizes will be the oh-so-elusive white Kevin Flynn Deluxe Identity Disc from Spinmaster Toys.

Come see the show and donate to a very worthy cause!  Updates can be found at the Facebook event page:


See you there!


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