’s own Louis Love had a chance to chat with Lou Ferrigno at the Nuke the Fridge Convention. Lou discusses his possible roles in the upcoming “Avengers” and “Expendables”

Ferrigno has earned his place as a candidate in some capacity for Disney/Marvel’s “Avengers.” He played the Hulk in the CBS television show, and has done the voice of the green-skinned giant on the
animated series.

Consequently, getting a role in Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables” sequel would add some excitement to the action film, especially if Arnold Schwarzeneggar is slated to have a bigger role. Ferrigno and Schwarzeneggar have a history outside of Hollywood. They posed against each other in many bodybuilding competitions. In the film, “Pumping Iron,” Schwarzeneggar intimidated Ferrigno and eventually won the Mr. Olympia competition. “The Expendables” sequel would be a great opportunity for Ferrigno to show off his physique compared to Governor Arnold. Ferrigno hands down is in the best shape of his life, while Schwarzeneggar has had to slow down his workouts due to public office duties and emergency heart surgery that was performed on him a few years back.

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