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Nuke the Fridge Con 2010 Review!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010 marked a day in history for Nuke the Fridge (and the rest of the world.)  The site held its first convention and it was an atom smashing success!

Convention-goers waited patiently in the rain, some as early as four in the morning to get free swag and enjoy the festivities, and the entertainment did not disappoint.  The first 100 people received a toy plus a Flynn’s Arcade elecTRONica game token from the soon to be released Disney film, “Tron: Legacy.”

The event kicked off on time and without a hitch.  Nuke the Fridge’s own Louis Love was the Master of Ceremonies.  He introduced various celebrity guests.  Actor Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2:  The Road Warrior, Weird Science) took the stage, rallied the crowd, and finished with, “I kicked Arnold’s (Schwarzeneggar) ass in Commando!”  The audience erupted into howls, hoots, and laughter.  Other guests took to the microphone, and entertained the masses.  Chris Gore (from G4’s Attack of the Show) took the stage to work up fans.  Mark Ryan (the voice of Bumblebee and JetFire in Transformers 1 and 2) performed the voice of JetFire for everyone.

Actors and celebrity guests such as:  Lou Ferrigno, John Schneider, Kate Vernon, Vernon Wells, Ed Gale, Mark Ryan, Claudia Wells, Chris Gore, Camden Toy, Geoffrey Lewis, Don Marshall, Mia St. John, Francine York, Tanya Lemani, Elaine Ballace, Celeste Yarnall, Marion Ramsey, Brad Kesten, Stacy Heather Tolkin, and Angela Lee Sloan and many others were on hand to sign autographs, take pictures, and kibitz with people.

Animation and comic book artists such as: Jamie Tyndall, Steve Niles, Livio Ramondelli, Mike Mayhew, Joel Gomez, Eddie Nuñez, Mike Lopez, Tony Fleecs, Chris Moreno, Mark Dos Santos, Robert Roach, David Krisor, Sze Jones, Tom Hutchison, Ruben Martinez, Angus Oblong (writer/artist and creator of “The Oblongs”), Michelle Carrillo, Deth, Oscar DeAnda, Chris Thorne, and others sold comics, illustrated prints, graphic novels, and sketched commissions.

Nate Truman of Star Central Cars gathered and brought in a huge line up of famous original and replica television and motion picture cars.  For a small fee, guests could get photographed up close and personal with their favorite entertainment vehicle.  Nuke the Fridge and Star Central Cars had the distinction of setting the Guinness World Records for having the most entertainment cars at any one event with 22 cars.

To add further spice to this gathering, four different costuming groups were on-site.  They represented the SoCal Ghostbusters, Mandalorian Mercs, Saber Guild, and the 501st Stormtroopers (Vader’s Fist.)  Their members walked the convention floor, were available for many photo opportunities, and put on performances and demonstrations throughout the day.  Performing the final act, Jedi Elvis rocked the house by putting a beat in everyone’s head and a smile on everyone’s face. The only words that can describe him (and the rest of the band) are fantastic, flashy, and awesome.  The King would have been envious.

Finally, the convention ended with Louis Love giving a dedication in memoriam to the late Nuke the Fridge co-founder Jason Nicholl, and to actor, producer, and friend John McGarr.  They would have had one hell of a great time at the show.

Recognition and a special “Thank You” need to go out to Frank and Son Collectible Show, The Realm Cast, and Toy Arena for sponsoring such a fun and outstanding event. Also, to the fans, this could not have happened without your support.

Namtar over and out! 21 November 2010 (3:16 a.m.)