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Namtar here…

Nuke the Fridge has landed this exclusive from a very reliable source inside the Marvel loop. Although, Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers” showcased a variety of superheroes caught up in stopping a planetary alien invasion alongside a mad god, there was one “armored knight” who was mysteriously missing. What happened to War Machine?

Debuting in “Iron Man 2,” pilot James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) donned the War Machine armor to battle next to his employer Tony Stark/Iron Man portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.  With “Iron Man 3” preparing to shoot in a few short weeks, director/co-writer Shane Black has mentioned that he will explain War Machine’s absence from “The Avengers” film in the third “Iron Man” installment.

The plot for “Iron Man 3” is said to draw on the Warren EllisIron Man: Extremis comic series and will reportedly involve nanotechnology and the spread of a virus. Sir Ben Kingsley is set as the villain (rumored to be The Mandarin,) Guy Pearce is playing Aldrich Killian, and Rebecca Hall is poised to play a scientist who matches wits with Tony Stark.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait to find out exactly where War Machine disappeared to.  “Iron Man 3” will not make its way into theaters until May 3rd of 2013.

Source: Marvel (confidential,) Variety