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Nuke the Fridge Exclusive! Secret Surprise Actor Will “Wow” Audience in TRANSFORMERS 3

Nuke the Fridge had a chance to meet up and interview Transformers voice actor Mark Ryan (Bumblebee/Jetfire) at the Nuke the Fridge Convention.  He promises Transformers 3 will “wow” the audience.  He stated, “There is a name (actor) attached to the film that fans will be shocked and surprised to learn about.  When I saw this person on set, I thought to myself, this is interesting.  Where are they taking this (the film)?  Then, I had a nice conversation with the person.  I can’t say anything more, but people will love the casting choice.”  Nuke the Fridge cannot even speculate who this mystery person might be.  What is your prediction?  Who do you think the big name is attached to Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon?

Let the guessing game begin!!!