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NTF Comic Spotlight: Uncanny X-Men #3

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

Talk, talk, talk, talk…that pretty much sums up rebooted Uncanny X-Men run of late. As Mr. Sinister sits high and mighty on his throne and making monologue after monologue as he sends in waves of clones against Cyclops’ X-Tinction team. As Hope borrows Emma’s telepathic powers to mentally protect the team Sinister makes the delivers the revelation that her destiny is to become the Phoenix. As the battle rages on it looked pretty bad for the X-Men until Danger arrives on the scene and destroys all the Sinisters within the vicinity. But like any great villain Sinister does have some shocking last words which will lead up into the 2012 storylines. Also it was pretty cool seeing Cyclops talk some smack to an army of Celestials. Won’t spoil it for you here so get your ass over to your local comic book store!

First off art-wise I have to admit was a touch awkward. Carlos Pacheco (Avengers Forever and Fantastic Four) was teamed up with Rodney Buchemi (X-Men Forever and Incredible Hercules) and Paco Diaz (Deadpool and X-Men: Emperor Vulcan) this time around. It’s not that it was bad but the fact of the matter was it just doesn’t mesh up too well. But on the bright side things such as facial expressions, perspective, and so forth was pretty decent. Now we get down to the story, which I got to say was kind of disappointed in. The first two chapters started off great but at the last leg of the race it just sort of runs out of steam. Overall if I had to give this issue a letter grade it would have to be a C-. Not a fail but it could’ve totally been much better.

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