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NTF Comic Spotlight: Ultimate Fallout #4

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

The hot button topic this week looks to be the new Spider-Man who was introduced in issue four of ‘Ultimate Fallout: Spider-Man No More’. We open up as a villain by the name of the Kangaroo was delivering quite a nasty beat down on a former partner when Spider-Man arrives on the scene. What’s odd about that is that recently Peter Parker aka Spider-Man was killed by the Green Goblin, so who’s this new guy web slinging about? During the tussle various on lookers comment that the costume was in bad taste due to the fact that the original Spidey was dead. After finishing up the fight this new web slinger makes his way up a building and removes his mask in exhaustion, revealing himself to be a fella by the name of Miles Morales (an earlier article on that here).

Besides the hot ticket of the new Spider-Man reveal we have a scarred Reed Richards floating around the Negative Zone desperately searching for a way home. Fast forward to the present it looks like Richards has formed the Ultimate’s version of the ‘Future Foundation’ with a large group of people. The arc ends with him telling these new members ‘In the dome, it’s evolve or become extinct. Welcome children…welcome to tomorrow. I’m sorry. Most of you are not going to make it.’ It’s a pretty chilling speech with ominous implications.

And in the third and last arc of the issue it deals with the fallout of revealing that the first ever mutant Wolverine was actually created by man. The X-gene was accidently let loose into the general population and began spreading. The culprits responsible were the United States government and it looks like the world is going to soon find out.

Artist Sara Pichelli (Runaways and Uncanny X-Men: Manifest Destiny) did a pretty decent job with this issue especially with the details on the new Spidey’s homemade costume (check out the loose gloves, mask, booties, and kneepads). So far it looks promising that Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate Spider-Man and House of M) is going to create an entertaining story arc. What appears to be an evil Reed Richards looks to be a pretty interesting spin as well. I do have a compliant about the issue though and that’s with Clayton Crain‘s (Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation and Venom VS Carnage) artwork on the mutant story arc. His style just doesn’t seem to mesh will with the Ultimate Universe. And as I said before besides the big hype up with the new Spider-Man it’s a pretty typical release. It’s perhaps a good starting point for those wanting to get into the Ultimate Universe. If anything pick this issue up to see what all the hub bub is about.

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