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NTF Comic Spotlight: The Goon #37

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

In this latest installment of the Goon the title character steps slightly to the side for a mostly stand alone issue featuring an old lady, the corruption of a sweat shop, and a labor union. Writer Eric Powell‘s (The Goon and Billy the Kid’s Old-Timey Oddities) takes the Triangle Shirtwaist disaster one of the most tragic industrial stories in the history of the United States which led to the worker’s rights movement, add in some good ol’ horror, and sprinkle with some dark humor and creates an absolutely amazing issue. In the opening pages we see the owner of the sweat shop being told by the Fire Marshall that his factory is a total fire trap, the owner then replies with an off handed ‘so what’. Well as you can pretty much guess what happens next. I’ll try not to spoil it too much because you guys seriously got to get your hands on this issue. As stated before the title character himself isn’t featured as prominently in this one but does play the role of defender of the union as he goes fist to face with union busters, a corrupt police force, the fat cats industry, and a gorilla of demonic origins conjured by the black magician Mr. Corpus.

Powell does it once again with a story that combines real horror, tongue in cheek comedy, and a throw down with ridiculous monster. And on top of that the plot of this story clearly references some issues of the United State’s current politics such as the Occupy movement. Everything from the dialog to the art is just absolutely top notch. One of the major brownie points for this series is that new readers can jump in at pretty much whatever point and not feel left out also while giving long time readers bits and pieces which tie into earlier issues. So in closing, go out there comic book nerds and grab a copy (or two; one to collect and one to read) and get really for a fantastic read. Tell em MPsy sent yah!

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