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NTF Comic Spotlight: Star Wars – Dark Times ‘Out of the Wilderness’ #1

Taking place between “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope” the Dark Horse miniseries ‘Out of the Wilderness’ has Darth Vader hunting down rogue Jedi between movies. Vader’s prey this time is Jedi Master Dass Jennir who is trying to make his way in the galaxy where all Jedi are fugitives and outlaws. What the dark lord of the Sith doesn’t know is that someone else is after Jedi Master Jennir and they’re every bit as ruthless as he is.

Writer Randy Stradley (Star Wars: Legacy and Ghost) populates this issue with a number of intense personalities such as a relentlessly obsessed Darth Vader whose goal is to hunt down every single Jedi that survives Order 66. And artist Doug Wheatley‘s (Conan and Superman: Last Son of Earth) work on this issue captures the exact essence of Vader as the feared lord of the Sith, the terror of the known galaxy. Oh and forget about the clean almost sterile universe we were introduced to in the new trilogy, Wheatley brings us back to the grimy dirty original Star Wars roots.

If you’re a Star Wars fan like I am or ever wished Vader was your daddy I highly suggest that you to go out and pick this title up.

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