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NTF Comic Spotlight: Demon Knights #1

Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

If you’re a dungeons and dragons fan or high fantasy nerd I think you’re going to like Demon Knights #1. Writer Paul Cornell (Doctor Who and Knight and Square) partners up the Demon Etrigan with Madame Xanadu in a sword and sorcery version of the dark ages. Fans are also treated to other characters from the DCU in this medieval reboot such as the Shining Knight or a barbaric Vandal Savage (who seems uncharacteristically jolly). It’s quite an interesting sight to see and if anything curiosity will keep me buying more issues of this title.

The team of Diogenes Neves (Green Arrow and Justice League: The Rise and Fall) and Oclair Albert (Green lantern and Brightest Day) brings us the art for this first issue of Demon Knights which is quite impressive. The duo delivers solid art, some great backgrounds, and I absolutely loved the tavern brawl scene. It was as if it was a scene right out of one of RA Salvatore’s D&D novels.

If you’re looking for the guilty pleasures of some high fantasy knights and wizards with a healthy dose of DCU then be sure to pick this title up. Demon Knights was a huge surprise for me but a pleasant one so here’s hoping for a just as interesting issue two.

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