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NTF Comic Spotlight: Action Comics #1

Writer Grant Morrison (All Star Superman and Batman R.I.P.) and artist Rags Morales (Identity Crisis and Wonder Woman) brings us an all new Superman with Action Comics #1. We see familiar characters such as Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen working side by side and on the darker side of things we have Lex Luthor being in league with General Lane against a new menace with a great big S on his chest. Clark Kent himself looks to be fresh off the farm sporting more of a Superboy/Conner Kent look with Superman shirt and jeans. In this first issue Morrison introduces readers to a Superman new to the whole hero game as a cocky vigilante who leaps over buildings instead of flying above them. He also seems to have a lot more of a proactive stance on crime like a certain caped crusader well all know and love.

Personally I see a bit of the Smallville influence here and there in this new retelling of the classic man of steel tale. Morales does a decent job here especially in his work on the high impact action scenes. Fans of Superman or Smallville should definitely pick this title up and give it a try.

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