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Nintendo Switch 4.0 update adds GameCube adapter support

Remember the GameCube adapter? That one Wii U peripheral that let you connect up to four of your GameCube Controllers and only worked with Super Smash Bros.

Well thanks to the latest Nintendo Switch update, the adapter gets a whole new life as you will be able to pair your GameCube controllers to your Nintendo Switch. This means you can use your old GameCube controllers to play various games like the recently released Fire Emblem Warriors or even a few of the indie games with a few less options.

It’s a pretty neat little feature especially for people who really enjoy using the GC controller but this could also mean that Nintendo could be one step closer to giving us either a port of either Super Smash Bros. for the Switch or the long rumored Nintendo GameCube Virtual Console.

Here is hoping for the latter! It could be a great time to invest in one if you can find it.