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Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event Live Blog

What does Nintendo have in response to Sony and Microsoft?

Nuke The Fridge will be blogging Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event live this morning at 9am PST! We can expect news about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as well as the latest StarFox game. What does Nintendo have to say about the future of gaming? Will they change the shape of things to come? Find out on NTF!

9:00am – Reggie Fils-Amie, President of Nintendo of America, onstage! Courtesy of Robot Chicken, of course. No new Mario games this year.

9:01am – Reggie and Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, go HAM! Super silly promo. SUPER SMASH BROS for WII U!!! Wii Avatars can join in the gleeful carnage.

9:03am – Masahiro Sakurai premieres the new Mii Fighters. Brawlers, Swordfighters, and Gunners are the new classes. New Special Moves.

9:06am – News about the 3DS version. Debug team hard at work. New features, but it’s still the Smash Bros we know and love.

9:08am – Super Smash Bros 3DS coming this Holiday 2014. Wii U version due October 4th. Reggie premieres the Amiibo. Disney Infinity and Skylanders also uses the toy tech.

9:09am – Super Smash Bros. will be the first game to support Amiibo, sending data back to the figurine.

9:10am – Mario Kart 8 also supports Amiibo. Luigi’s death stare returns!

9:13am – The focus turns to the developers. A follow-up of sorts to Kirby’s Epic Yarn starring Yoshi. Kinda like Yoshi meets Little Big Planet.

9:15am – Two-player Yoshis, and yarn. Lots and lots and lots of yarn. And a neat clever look. Yoshi’s Woolly World coming 2015.

9:18am – It’s time for the Toadster to get his! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker coming later this year.

9:19am – A fun bit with King Koopa and Princess Peach, and one last donut.


9:21am – Gorgeous vistas of Hyrule. The latest Zelda is now open-world.

9:22am – Link and Epona run from a beast firing lasers. The game will be out in 2015.

9:24am – Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! Coming November 21, 2014.

9:26am – Bayonetta goes to Hell in the new PlatinumGames Inc.’s Bayonetta 2. Includes the first game as a bonus.

9:27am – New info on Hyrule Warriors, and evolving the action style.

9:28am – A deft melding of Dynasty Warriors and Zelda. Impa debuts as a playable character, as well as Midna from Twilight Princess.

9:30am – The game’s out September 26, 2014.

9:31am – Kirby returns to the 3DS, in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. 2015.

9:32am – We meet Elma, in a brand new intergalactic war game. Mecha, aliens, drama, and big exploding ships!  Xenoblade Chronicles. 2015.

9:33am – Mario Ballet? Nope, it’s Mario Maker. Make your own custom Mario stages from all eras. This looks like a lot of fun. Due 2015.

9:35am – Splatoon, an action game about teens marking territory with paint splats. Gameplay first, that’s what I like to hear. The players can switch between squids and people. Real interesting mechanics. Fast in your own ink, slow in others.

9:41am – Reggie returns to wrap up. E3.Nintendo.com/Invitational  for details on a Smash Bros tourney in LA.

9:43am – Whoa. Smash Bros. anime? Nope. Just additional Smash Bros characters from Kid Icarus.

9:46am – Nintendo’s Post Show can be found on Nintendo’s Youtube channel and Twitch channel. Look for Smash Bros. demos at select Best Buy stores on bestbuy.com/smashfest.

9:47am – Thanks folks! Stick with NTF for more E3 madness!

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