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Nintendo announces three extra games heading to Switch in Japanese Nintendo Direct

It’s no shocker that not every game released in Japan makes it out to the West. In the past, if I wanted a certain game I’ve had to go to import  websites like Play-Asia, NCSX and even Ebay to obtain my precious and it looks like I might be doing this again with two of three three extra titles announced in today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct.


Not the highest game on my have to have list but I’ve been a fan of the SaGa series for sometime now (except Unlimited SaGa which was jsut terrible). I’m not a huge fan of the visuals in this game, plus it was also released on the PlayStation Vita in 2016.

Not a game I expect Square Enix to bring to the West.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version

A popular Rhythm series out in Japan, Taiko no Tatsujin which is known as Taiko Drum Master in the West, is a fun game where you hit a drum to the beat of a song and while it may sound simple enough it can be pretty fun and challenging. While the series has featured music from various video game and anime series, the Nintendo Switch version will also include tracks from Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, including New Donk City’s Jump Up, Super Star.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud

Phantasy Star Online 2 released back in 2012 in Japan and is still going pretty strong with updates. While the game was set to release in the West at one point, Sega has been pretty quiet making it seems like it will never happen outside of Japan.

It more than likely won’t make it way to the West seeing as all of the game data exists on the cloud server, so you won’t need to worry about downloading updates or anything else. Unfortunately, you can’t team up to do quests with other Switch users or other systems and you have to team up with PC users so that’s a big reason we probably won’t see the game released here.

Phantasy Star Online 2: Cloud will also including a BoTW Link outfit for your male or female character complete with Master Sword and Hylian Shield to use in battle. If you plan on playing this game, just make sure you are always around a stable enough connection to enjoy.