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News for Ben Affleck’s Cape and Batmobile in MAN OF STEEL Sequel

With the legendary meeting between the ‘Man of Steel’ and the ‘Caped Crusader,’ fans are taking any news to a fever pitch level. Now word has hit that the new Batman cowl and Batmobile are being designed and readied to go before the cameras.


With Batman’s costume as an integral part of his crime fighting strategy, alter ego Bruce Wayne not only needs to conceal his true identity, but strike fear and work freely behind the scenes against those who choose to oppose him or terrorize Gotham City. The producers are taking cues from cowls and capes designed in the DC Comics’ stories. Apparently, the new costume will resemble the Caped Crusader’s outfit from the 2011 graphic novel entitled “Batman: Noël” written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, which is based on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Designs and concepts from “Injustice: Gods Among Us” were explored, but the producers decided it came too close to Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman.

The Batmobile will be getting a makeover as well. General Motors is taking a hand in the design at their GM Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood. The new Batmobile is a departure from Nolan’s Tumbler design and will move in a different direction.

Production designer Nathan Crowley along with engineers Chris Culvert and Andy Smith have been consulting on the designs. The trio previously worked on Nolan’s Batman trilogy. They took Nolan’s crude Play-Doh design and were able to create the remarkable Lamborghini/tank-like Tumbler. Even though this is a new Batmobile, elements from the Tumbler could still be present.

When Zack Snyder was filming the football game sequence between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University at East Los Angeles College, rumor burned across the Internet stating Ben Affleck was on location filming a motivational halftime speech. The rumor was only a rumor. Affleck was not present. In fact, he hasn’t started shooting any scenes at this time.

Finally, expect to see Superman in a new costume. There are “two separate teams working on the suits.” David S. Goyer’s script seems to call for some sort of alteration. Is this a plan for Warner Bros. to sell more toys? Only the marketing department knows.

Source: ComicBookMovie