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New Trademark all but Confirms The Release of Nintendo 64 Classic Edition!

Last week, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Classic Edition and it’s flying off the shelves. While Nintendo plans to release a lot more over the next few months it’s already easy to predict the $79.99 plug and play system will be one of the most sought-after items heading into the holidays much like the NES Classic Edition was last year.

While Nintendo plans on releasing the consoles until sometime next year and re-launching the NES Classic Edition in Summer 2018, what’s next from Nintendo?

While we would love to something like a Gameboy or Gameboy Advance Classic Edition which features a collection of various handheld games we can play at home on our big screen televisions, Nintendo has recently renewed a trademark for the Nintendo 64 controller which means that the N64 Classic Edition is already in the works. Last year, Nintendo did something similar after the release of the NES Classic Edition by filing a trademark on the Super Nintendo controller which lead to speculation of the SNES Classic.

When Nintendo eventually reveals the N64 Classic Edition what games would you like to see released on the mini system?