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New ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Poster!

Sony Pictures has a ‘Gwensday’ The Amazing Spider-Man promotional campaign going on in which they release something to do with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy to promote the movie every Wednesday. Yesterday we got a poster of Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy making Googly-eyes at each other…. This is what I call true love.

Check out the poster below and tell us what you think.

The Amazing Spider-Man Plot:

Peter Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors ( The Lizard ), his father’s former partner. This is an “Untold Story.

The Amazing Spider-Man is directed by Marc Webb and Stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans.
Opens in theaters on July 3rd, 2012