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Everyone misses the greatest game ever made, Star Wars: Battlefront. Now that the project of the new Battlefront game is now on…again, some rumors of what the game may contain has came out via Making Star Wars.net.


According to the site, the game’s campaign will span the entire Star Wars saga. The majority of the campaign will take part in the original trilogy era. There will be some segments of the campaign that take place between the Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens but not a lot since “Lucasfilms has a lot of plans for that era.”


When it comes to playable characters in the game, the site says that you will be able to play as both good guys and bad guys. Old Republic, Rebellion and Republic and Separatists and the Empire in some segments and you can also play as some characters from The Force Awakens

Game Modes

Other than the campaign mode, the multiplayer is going to be absolutely massive with up 64 players participating on each side. Space to land battles are absolutely happening, but will only be available in certain game modes. There will also be a “Hero” system in place where you can accumulate points to use as cash to play as “hero” character.


The DLC plan for the game is described as “extremely aggressive.” There may be up to 5 DLC packs. Some items included in the DLC are 3 maps, new hero characters, and new vehicles/ships. Each packed will be themed with the first 2 or 3 being exclusively based on The Force Awakens.

The game is apparently supposed to be shipped a month before The Force Awakens hits theaters.