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New Samurai Shodown Character Trailer focuses on Yoshitora Tokugawa

With less than a month away before the release of Samurai Shodown, SNK has uploaded a new character trailer this time featuring Yoshitora Tokugawa.

Yoshitora made his first appearance in Samurai Shodown V, a swordsman who wields seven different katanas he was next in line to inherit the shogunate rule in Japan after training under Jubei and Gaoh.  Interestingly enough, aside from one of them that is named after himself, the other six are named after women РYugao, Tsubaki, Asagao, Botan, Nadeshiko and Shirayuri.

While you would think the weight and switching between each katana would slow him down, he is lightning quick and focuses on multi-slash hits switching between the various swords on his back.

Samurai Shodown will be released on June 25th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the Nintendo Switch and PC version set for release later this year.