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New Kingdom Hearts III Details Revealed At D23 Japan

It seems as though the D23 Expo is the place to be for Kingdom Hearts updates. During Japans D23 Expo, more news was revealed on Kingdom Hearts which include new locations, returning characters, more summons, and new keyblade designs. The first trailer revealed the latest location in the upcoming title, Monsters Inc., transforming Sora and company into monsters to help Mike and Sully turn their once beloved factory back to normal. The new location features several areas from the film such as outside the factory, the lobbies, the scare floor, and the door storage facility.

The trailer shows off plenty of action from a few locations which include areas fromĀ Toy Story(which was revealed at last years D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA), the upcoming Tangled location, and the latest edition, Monsters Inc.

Also during the event was the reveal of the theme song for Kingdom Hearts sung by the amazing Utada Hikaru, who was responsible for the themes of the previous two titles. The song is called “Don’t Think Twice” which seems like a fitting song for such a game.

There is still no word on the release date for Kingdom Hearts III just yet, although the end of the latest trailer confirms that it will indeed be coming this year.