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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Review PLUS ULTRA!

As I found myself waiting in line for what seemed to be forever to obtain a wristband to wait in another line to get into the event, I kept getting more and more excited for myself and for everyone else in line to see the My Hero Academia film during Anime Expo this past week in Los Angeles and it’s not surprising. My Hero Academia has become a critical hit with upcoming games, merchandise, and more episodes coming July 14th.

My Hero Academia was created by Kohei Horikoshi and follows a young man named Izuku Midoriya, your average citizen in a world full of heroes. A large portion of people in this world are born with a quirk(suprepower) but unfortunately Izuku was born with no powers. The highly positive young man then meets his idol All Might, the larger than life superhero that passes down his power to young Midoriya thus starting the perfect storm of amazing storytelling that I could not recommend enough.

Now that the brief descriptions are out of the way lets talk about the movie itself. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is a fun and action packed film full of fan-service and uplifting moments that the series is known for. Chronologically the film takes place before the events of season 3 episode 11 where some pretty major stuff happens as I will briefly mention later.

The story starts with Izuku and All Might visiting a migrating island full of the worlds top scientists for an event dedicated towards All Mights old friend and former partner David Shield but that doesn’t include the slightly drawn out segment where the plot of the entire series is explained immediately afterwards. I understand why it’s in the film to explain the plot to new viewers but I can’t stress it enough, watch the full show, you’d thank me later.

New characters are introduced while also introducing them to the original cast of students. The reason they find themselves on the island is absurd in the most anime of ways. Some of the students have plausible reasons such as wealth, connections, competitions, etc but some are there as if they’re Team Rocket shoehorning their way into the story.

Eventually the plot gets serious when a group of individuals take All Might and the rest of the island hostage so it’s up to Izuku and the rest of the group to step in to save them all.  There’s a lot of teamwork between characters in this film, giving each group an equal amount of time to shine. Where you have flashbacks of All Might and David you also get pairings of Davids daughter and Izuku as well as Bakugo and Kirishima. One of the most glaring issues to me in the film is when the group of kids have to climb floors to reach the top of a 200 story building to reach the control room. It drags on way too long and offers less than most average episodes of the show making it feel like you’re watching 3 below average episodes of the show in a row.

Eventually the movie finds its stride towards the end with the final fight scene and wow. Being an insanely large fan of the first season I can safely say that the final fight of the film is up there with anything that the first season has to offer and it gives us one of the rarest scenes we will likely never see again that makes the film much more memorable and brought a tear to my eye.

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is the movie I dreamed of minus some slow pacing towards the middle of the film. For every slow moment there is double the charm and even more action to follow. Although the film has little stakes knowing the fate of some of the characters later on in the series every character from the series involved in the film has their time to shine which is impressive as far as the length of the film goes. If you get the opportunity to enjoy this film in theaters with fans I would absolutely recommend it. Plus Ultra!

Nuke The Fridge Score: 9/10