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Funimation presents the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Los Angeles Premiere

This year’s Anime Expo had a very pleasant surprise, everyone who attended had a chance to watch My Hero Academia: Two Heroes two months before the film released in Japan. It was no surprise that people lined up the night before to watch the movie at AX, I waited in line for about three hours and was just able to grab a ticket and it was worth the wait.

I love My Hero Academia, so being able to watch the movie again was a no-brainer for me. Funimation will be bringing the movie to select theaters across North America starting September 25th but just before then, it held a special US premiere in Los Angeles, complete with cosplayers, special guests and a few of the English voice actors from the series.

Right before the movie began, we had a chance to chat with Justin Briner (Izuku Midoriya). I first met Justin back at Anime Expo 2016, where I had a chance to interview both him and Chris Sabat (All Might) and while at the time I was already a big fan of the series, it was a great chance to ask him about how it has been voicing the future Number 1 Hero!

NTF: How has it been voicing Deku for the last two years?

Justin: It’s magnificent, I mean everything that was special about it in the beginning, has continued to grow and blossom and to be able to share that with everyone is amazing.

NTF: What has changed for you going into the role of Deku?

Justin: As Izuku gains his confidence, I try to infuse more and more of that into him. Every battle he learns something new, he learns something more about himself, he becomes better and more proficient each time.

NTF: When I interviewed you two years ago, you mentioned how nervous you were after landing the role of Deku. How is it now compared to back then?

Justin: I’m still very nervous, I hope to do right by the character because he is very dear to me.

NTF: How was it working on My Hero Academia: Two Heroes?

Justin: It’s brilliant! The movie encapsulates everything that is so wonderful about the series and to be able to share that in the theaters, it’s really special.

For fans of the series, this a must watch movie and you can read our review of the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes here. You can also get more information on the movie and what theaters near you will be playing it at the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes website.