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Deadpool-deadpool-31566416-640-358It appears that filming is now officially underway on the Deadpool movie, and we’ve got a bit of news already. We knew production on the long-developing Marvel Comics adaptation was about to begin very soon, but actress Morena Baccarin revealed the first “set image” on Twitter today of her actor’s chair, complete with a temporary logo and her character’s name.

Her chair back says her character’s name is “Vanessa”, which would appear to suggest that she’s playing Vanessa Carlysle from the comics, aka Copycat.

In the world of the comics, Copycat was a mutant shape-shifter who met and fell in love with Deadpool while working as a prostitute in Boston. When Deadpool learned that he had cancer, however, he broke up with Copycat, after which she became a mercenary herself

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