walkingdeadlogoIs this the beginning of the end for The Walking Dead?

I love the plot of The Walking Dead but, the last 5 episodes have been uneventful for me. I’m not craving more Zombie action and I like character development. But I also like “interesting” character development and that ,in my opinion, has been missing.   I’ve actually found myself taking a naps during its airing.  Since so many around me are still hooked on the show I was thinking that I was the one with “bad taste.” Now Deadline is reporting that millions of viewers have stopped watching and I may be next.

While the top rated show on television this season, among the key demo the AMC series pulled in a 6.2 on February 15 in its 9 – 10 PM slot with 7.9 million watching in the 18-49s. Overall, The Walking Dead had 12.3 million viewers, another stumble of 22% from the 15.8 million who tuned in last week. During the same 9 – 10 PM slot, the SNL 40special had an 8.4 rating in the key demo with a peak of 10.68 million watching among adults 18-49. Head-to-head in overall viewers during the hour,SNL had 24.32 million watching according to final numbers from Nielsen. That’s down a bit from the most watched hour of the more than 3-hour SNL special. The opening 8 – 9 PM slot had 26.11 million viewers. Over its 8 – 11:12 PM run, the SNL 40 special had a 7.8 rating among adults 18-49 with 9.939 million in the demo and 23.1 million viewers in the 8 – 11:30 PM slot.