During an interview with WTF podcast actor Michael Keaton ( who played Batman ) revealed what his idea for a storyline in a third Batman movie was.

The guy who’s doing them now, Chris Nolan, he’s so talented, it’s crazy. [Christian Bale] is so talented. It’s so good.” he enthused. “But I say that like I’ve seen them, and I actually haven’t. I didn’t even see much of the second one that I did.”

“You look at where he went, which is exactly what I wanted to do when I was having meetings about the third one,” he continued. “I said you want to see how this guy started. We’ve got a chance here to fix whatever we kind of maybe went off. This could be brilliant.”

Sounds like Keaton wanted a more Nolan-Esque origin story like the one we saw in Batman Begins. He also mentioned that the films where in trouble when the planing began for the third film.

“I knew we were in trouble in talks for the third one when certain people started the conversation with ‘Why does it have to be so dark?’ ‘Why does he have to be so depressed?’ ‘Shouldn’t there be more color in this thing?’ I knew I was headed for trouble and that it wasn’t a road I was going to go down.”

Although I disagree, Michael Keaton is considered by many to be the “best Batman” on film ever.

What are your thoughts?