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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 makes important change to Mega Man X5

While it was never an issue when I first played Mega Man X 5 back in 2002, it wasn’t until years later I realized that Mega Man X5 has one huge issue that makes it different from everything else.

You may have noticed in the North American release of the game, all 8 Mavericks had dome very interesting names that actually reference legendary rock band Guns ‘n Roses. Luckily thanks to a video uploaded by Capcom, we can now confirm that that has been done away with and all the robot masters names have been fixed as Axle the Red has been replaced to Spike Rosered, Dark Dizzy to Dark Necrobat and Duff McWhalen to Tidal Whale to name just a few.

“In our mission to make these collections an authentic Mega Man X experience, we took the opportunity to better align the naming of the Mega Man X5 Mavericks across all regions for better narrative cohesion across the series, making the names more aligned with the original Japanese version release. We hope that fans appreciate our intent to unify the Mega Man X Maverick-naming convention all these years later.”

You can watch the trailer which highlights the X Challenge mode and reveals all the name changes for the X5 robot Mavericks.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 will release on July 24th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.