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Mega Man: The Wily Wars finally gets an official physical release from Retro-Bit

Mega Man: The Wily Wars was only released via the Sega Channel in the North America so up until now there wasn’t a legal way to actually play the game unless you planned to drop quite a bit of money on either a European or Japanese Mega Drive cart, that was until only recently.

Next month, Sega will release the Sega Genesis Mini which include Mega Man: The Wily Wars along with 41 other titles but for those who want to own a physical cartridge, there is some great news revealed by Retro-Bit.

If you aren’t familiar with Retro-Bit. they have released quite a few clone consoles like the Super RetroTrio and RetroDuo Portable along with line of controllers for various systems including the officially licensed Sega Genesis 6-button Arcade Pad that is compatible with the Sega Genesis Mini and Tribute64 controller for the Nintendo 64.

This isn’t the companies first time releasing cartridges either, Retro-Bit has also released the Jaleco Brawler’s Pack, Data East Classic Collection along with the Joe & Mac: Ultimate Caveman Collection for the Super Nintendo along with the Data East All Star Collection for the NES.

Retro-Bit will also be re-releasing Metal Storm this October with both a regular and Limited Edition, which is great for those who might not want to spend the $100 for a cart only copy or $300+ for a complete in box copy. 

Retro-Bit also revealed  Truxton, Hellfire, Fire Shark, & Zero Wing for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive along with Hammerin Harry for  NES and Undercover Cops for the Super Nintendo.