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Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2 heading to the Nintendo Switch

Mega Man is heading to the Nintendo Switch! Capcom revealed that it would be releasing both of the Mega Man Legacy Collections on the Nintendo Switch well before the release of Mega Man 11 and we finally have a date, May 22nd.

On May 22nd, you will be able to play Mega Man 1-10 on the go with the Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + 2. The Mega Man Legacy Collection features the original six Mega Man games that were released on the original Nintendo Entertainment system and features new content including a challenge mode, a gallery mode complete with collection of sketches, art and other visual materials at high resolutions. It will also include a new rewind feature that will release first on the Nintendo Switch.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 features Mega Man 7-10. The collection includes all the DLC from Mega Man 9 and 10 which lets you replay the game as Proto Man and Bass (in MM10), as well as all the extra content found in the first Legacy Collection.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection will be able for purchase digitally for $14.99, with the Legacy Collection costing $19.99 but will also offer a physical version for $39.99 which includes the first Collection on cart and a download for Legacy Collection 2. Personally though, I would have preferred for them to release both game physically.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection as well as the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.