As you can tell by the absolutely massive amount of Comic-Con content on the site at the moment, it’s been a whirlwind last few days here in San Diego at Comic-Con 2014.  The festivities are winding down, and while we still have a fair amount of SDCC content yet to post, this Sunday we thought we’d bring the large majority of people that were unable to attend the convention a little closer to arguably the biggest panel of the convention: Marvel.  This year, Marvel Studios showcased Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man during its Saturday night Hall H panel, and while the lack of surprises made the proceedings a tad underwhelming, it was nevertheless an entertaining affair.  If you haven’t already, be sure to read our full Avengers: Age of Ultron panel recap and Ant-Man panel recap.

After the jump, you’ll find __ Marvel Comic-Con images from both panels, featuring Robert Downey Jr., Paul RuddChris EvansElizabeth Olsen, Michael DouglasChris Hemsworth, Evangeline LillySamuel L. Jackson, Corey StollAaron Taylor-JohnsonJeremy RennerCobie SmuldersMark RuffaloPaul BettanyJames Spader, director Peyton Reed, and Thanos himself Josh Brolin

Click on any image for high-resolution.  Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in theaters on May 1, 2015, while Ant-Man hits screens on July 31, 2015.

Credit: Adam Chitwood,