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Marvel Retcons Wolverine’s Origin (Spoilers Ahead)

Karla here…

For the past few years, Marvel and DC have reset, messed with, and screwed up more origins and characters’ biographies than we can keep up with. Characters we have followed and admired for years have had their back stories completely rewritten.

Wolverine has always been a mysterious character. After his debut in Incredible Hulk #181 in November of 1974, Wolverine’s story had led him from being a rich man’s son in late Nineteenth Century Canada to a samurai training in Japan to being a victim of the Weapon X program. And now, the word victim is a relative term.

It has been revealed in Wolverine #312 that not only does Wolverine have a fourth claw (a little reminiscent of Lady Deathstrike) but that the Weapon X Project was all his idea. Wolverine gave himself the adamantium skeleton and claws and had his own mind wiped to protect the project from himself. So far there has been no reason as to why he did this.

Has Marvel completely run out of ideas? After everything Wolverine has gone through, after everything we’ve gone through this is how Marvel rewards us for our loyalty?!?!  I’ve read X-Men and Wolverine collectively for over 20 years. I’ve read the comic books through editor changes, continuity shifts, poor writing, and questionable artwork and this is the first time I have felt betrayed.  SNIKT! SNIKT!