If you haven’t been on the internet within the past month, (highly doubtful that’s the case) you may have seen a pretty controversial looking Spider-Woman cover floating around. Well just in case you haven’t, here it is below.



The image above, is for a variant cover for the upcoming issue of Spider-Woman #1, made by artist Milo Manara. Milo Manara is widely known for his erotic art style but this cover got an awful lot of criticism over the way Spider-Woman is depicted.

Due to all of the controversy around the variant, Marvel announced that the upcoming scheduled variants by Manara, will be no longer be drawn by the artist. Instead, October’s Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1 variant will be drawn by Siya Oum and as for the Thor #2 variant, an artist has not been named at this time but it will definitely not be Manara.

As for this particular variant, it is still on Marvel’s schedule and will be published.

Here is a 3D rendering of what Spider-Woman would look like based on this cover:


Source: Newsarama