Sad because the Mark Waid Daredevil is coming to an end early next year? Well don’t be sad too long…because Mark Waid & artist Chris Samnee are going to relaunch a new #1 issue in March!

Waid discussed with Nerdist, what we have in store for us as we take another dive with Dardevil. We were actually given the opportunity by Marvel to relaunch with a #1 last year as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative,” Waid said, “Which absolutely would have boosted sales–but together, the team agreed that since we were in the middle of a storyline, it would be a gimmick, not an organic shift. When the opportunity arose to relaunch again this year, it made a lot more sense given the way we’re about to change literally every aspect of Matt Murdock’s life. Every aspect.

He continues to let us in a little on what may change..

“Without spoiling too much of the final issue of the previous series, we can tell you that Matt has to leave New York &, in many ways, has no choice but to return to California–specifically, California, no where else to go. But that’s where he & his cast will hang their collective hat from now on.”

Mark Waid’s Daredevil series has earned high acclaim from many fans. Are you guys & gals excited that Daredevil will carry on?