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Mario Tennis Aces Confirmed Release Date of June 22nd, 2018

The Nintendo Direct today came with lots of exciting new announcements, as well as more information on projects we already knew about. One of those projects being Mario Tennis Aces. Mario Tennis Aces now has a confirmed release date of June 22nd, 2018; Just a week after E3 2018.

Mario Aces had more new announcements during the Direct as well. Including Characters, stages and playstyles!

Some of the newly announced characters include; Chain Chomp, Boo, Rosalina, and more. Each character is promised to have a unique playstyle and feel in-game.

All ways of play for The Switch will be supported. Which means players will be able to take to the court anytime, and anywhere, in true Nintendo Switch fashion, including split-screen tabletop mode!

Story mode was also featured as well, although it was mostly a reiteration of what has been told before. A hearken back to the Mario tennis games of old, with unique stages and challenges.

A welcome surprise was the announcement of online vs, and tournament modes. This means that eventually Aces will have the full support of Nintendo’s later released online service for the switch (whatever that ends up meaning). Tournaments and online play will reward players with additional characters and in game outfits.

The direct also highlighted the new abilities such as zone shot, zone speed, blocks and special shots. All these incorporate usage of the energy bar, limiting how much you can use these special moves. All of these are awfully reminiscent of mechanics used in Super Mario Strikers, which fans will surely love.

A mode including basic rules will be incorporated as well.

Swing mode will also be introduced, which is simply a Wii Sports Tennis style of play with the use of the joy-con.

Perhaps most of all fans are excited for the announcement of the free pre-launch online tournament. This will act as a demo to welcome newcomers and old fans alike, back into the series.

Mario Tennis Aces is available June 22nd, 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.