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A MAN CALLED DEATH Optioned by Addictive Pictures

New production company, Addictive Pictures, has optioned Matthew Kennedy’s script “A Man Called Death” with a progress-to-production preemptive deal. The script is described as a “Misery”-esque setup that evolves into a “Usual Suspects”-type of non-linear storyline. Kennedy and Brooklyn Weaver will produce with Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder.

A Man Called Death

Former executives, Ackerman and Schoenfelder, previously worked for Guillermo del Toro and Scott Rudin, respectively. A first-look is in place with Bloom, which is led by billionaire film financier Ken Kao.

By pitching a packaging strategy to Kennedy, Addictive was able to make the project viable over several other financiers. The company’s partners were able to use their relationships with a list of top-tier directors as an inducement to the writer. Kennedy will also receive a producer’s credit along with his manager Brooklyn Weaver, who brings his own experience and relationships to the table. David Binns will co-produce for Energy Entertainment.

By making the deal with Addictive, Kennedy is able to have more input on the project, including who will finance and distribute the film. These are key elements for young writers, which can make or break a deal these days.

Kennedy has worked in the industry for many years, below the line, as an assistant director. He was well informed about the chances of simply selling a script and having no control over how or when it would go into production.

Source: TheWrap