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MAKE-A-WISH Helps Young Leukemia Patient Become “BATKID” for A Day

Admit it, we have all wanted to be a superhero. We have all ran around with a blanket tied around us pretending it was a cape as a little kid, pretending to fight crime & take down the super villains. Well thanks to the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area Foundation, one very special kid got to be Batkid for the day.

5 year old Miles who is in remission from leukemia, happens to be a huge Batman fan. His wish was to be Batman for a day. So the organization transformed San Francisco into Gotham City, Friday & had Miles save the day as Batkid along side of Batman.

Over thousands of people gathered around to support Batkid & watched him save a damsel in distress, rescue the kidnapped Giants mascot, ride around in a Batmobile, take down the iconic super villains, the Riddler & the Penguin & even stopped to have lunch with Batman & the press. Batkid aka Miles, was called by the chief of police to help save the city from the evil duo. After all of his hard work, Miles then went to the City Hall where he was awarded the key to the city.

Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area Foundation spokeswoman Patricia Wilson, sent out a request for volunteers to make Miles’ wish come true & the city of San Francisco answered in numbers. Batman, Riddler & the Penguin were just 3 of the 12,000 volunteers who helped make this little boy’s wish come to life.

Wilson had this to say about the event, “Obviously, we’ll never replicate this…this is a moment in time when something goes viral and the city goes alive.” This is such an awesome thing to see for a little kid that truly deserved it.

Here are some pics from Batkid’s amazing day…















Miles & his younger brother as the dynamic duo