Press Release:

What do you get when you mix movie monsters and their makers with real life maniacs and the men and women who put em’ behind bars ­ or ­ six feet under? You get Mad Mobster True Crime and Horror Expo!

Horror movies have always been informed by grisly real life events. Iconic “Leatherface” from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE draws from real life cannibalistic serial killer Ed Gein. THE HILLS HAVE EYES has roots in the bloodthirsty family of Sawney Bean of the 16th Century. And one of the greatest movie monsters of modern times, “Hannibal Lecter” from SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, is based on real life murderer, Dr. Alfredo Balli Trevino. The public is as obsessed with real killers as they are with imagined ones. The names Al Capone, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer are as familiar to us as Kardashian or Bieber. Frankenstein, Dracula and Michael Myers are as well known as Lizzie Borden or O. J. Simpson. And in our current pop culture, the heroic detectives and forensic specialists on the trail of real life psychos are almost as famous as movie stars or murderers.

February 13­15, 2015, on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre anniversary weekend, the windy city of Chicago will host the first­ever Mad Mobster True Crime and Horror Expo. For one long weekend fans of phantoms and forensics will gather to explore the horror and mystery of these two genres that go hand in claw. You’ll meet the actors that brought some of these notorious characters to life on the screen and figures inspired by them to create their own disturbing horror fiction. Also look for experts with a passion for bringing these mad men (and women) to justice. Meet RICHMOND ARQUETTE (The Zodiac Killer from the 2007 film, the infamous deliveryman from Se7en) who will be making his first convention appearance. He’ll be joined by his Zodiac co­star, CHARLES FLEISCHER (the voice voice of Roger Rabbit, A Nightmare on Elm St); GUNNAR HANSEN (Leatherface from the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Jon Polito (Gangster Squad, Miller’s Crossing, The Crow, Crime Story) and more guests to be announced. KANE HODDER (BTK, Ed Gein, “Jason” from Friday the 13th VII­X) will be appearing in full makeup and costume by original FX designer and director, John C. Buechler, for a Friday the 13th photo op (tickets are extremely limited for this once­in­a­lifetime photo op).
In addition to meeting stars of the silver screen and CSI lab, you’ll be invited to participate in Q&A Panels and seminars with the experts. Chat with the stars of your favorite horror films, shop for unique merchandise AND meet like­minded fans with a penchant for the ghoulish. Horror fans are some of the most well­read and wildly creative people you could hope to meet. True Crime buffs are super meticulous and hyper observant. Think of a Dr. Charles Baden autopsy in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab or Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Jekyll following a blood trail! Horror and True Crime! When these two undeniable forces come together, who knows what mysteries will be solved or maniacs unmasked?!

Advanced discount tickets, a limited number number of discounted hotel rooms at the convention hotel and more information available here…