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imageWhat a lovely lovely day!!!  Mad Max Fury Road, the next film in the Mad Max franchise that supposedly takes place after Road Warrior but before Thunderdome,  stars of in full gear with pure action scenes one after another. As the film starts any thought of Mel Gibson was gone because Tom Hardy plays Max so well you automatically buy into it. The film is basically a big car chase, getting from point A to point B all while being chased down by maniacs.

The cinematography in the film is stunning and you can really see George Miller‘s chaotic world come to life once again and within the chaos and madness he also shows you the breathtaking world that is Mad Max, the sets were grand and epic and the use of practical effects worked so well in the film. The practical effects in the film are just gorgeous and beautiful to see, cars are blowing up, flipping, getting torn apart, guys are flipping and jumping from one car to another. The chase scenes were so well choreographed and it almost looks like a dance of chaos and death as people are being flung out of cars, throwing explosives, crashing into one another as they chase down our main characters.


The film keeps your eyes glued to the screen since it’s just action after action after action, with Charlize Theron who ultimately steals the show with her performance of Furiosa. Nicholas Holt brought some “humanity” towards the insane world that the audience gets emerged in, and brings some emotion and narrative towards the film. There were some scenes that slowed down the film for the audience to take a breather or two and even then you can still feel the tension slowly rising, and before you know it your thrown straight back into the action.


The one negative thing I’d say about the film (and it’s not a big deal), was the transitioning scenes that fade to black (it happened at least 12 times) and made the film feel longer then expected, but it still pays off since it just throws more action into your face leaving you in awe at the amazing spectacle of one of the greatest car chases of all time, eat your heart out Fast and The Furious. This film ultimately felt like classic Mad Max, you have your intense car chases, insane characters, and a world of chaos. I’m not suggesting you go see this, I’m DEMANDING you guys to go check out this amazing high octane and action packed film.

Overall Mad Max: Fury Road is a must see at the theater since it’s such an immersive experience.  9.5/10