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Long Beach Comic Con Cosplay Photos Part Two; NtF Con Next Saturday

Namtar here…

The second and last day of the Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention saw a whole new group of attendees wearing costumes that equaled or surpassed the previous day’s show. Louis Love did his best to capture these “characters” images, so everyone can enjoy them.

Don’t forget, Nuke the Fridge Con 2012 is rapidly approaching, and will be on Saturday, November 10th. The show will be located inside Frank and Son Collectible Show. PLEASE SHARE THE NEWS WITH YOUR FRIENDS ON YOUR FACEBOOK. Parking and admission are FREE! The event is our way of saying thanks for supporting the Nuke The Fridge Dot Com Website. For more information go to www.NTFcon.com, or www.NukeTheFridge.com. The clock is ticking. Be there!