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Little Devil Inside Resurfaces After Several Years of Waiting

Little Devil inside was a game that debuted on Kickstarter several years ago and drummed up quite the following. Now after a long time waiting, the game has resurfaced during today’s PS5 event.


Little Devil Inside is described by Playstation as: “an action-adventure RPG with survival elements set in an atmospheric, semi-open world.”

When the game was backed on Kickstarter the platforms it would release on were PS4, Xbox one, PC, and Wii U. But now it seems Sony has made this title an exclusive, as an update to their Kickstarter page says, “Although details of the deal cannot be disclosed at this stage, Little Devil Inside will be coming to PS5 on a PlayStation “Timed” Exclusive basis and it will also come to the existing PS4 system.” 

Neostream suggests that the PC port will still happen, but only time will tell. Keep up with Nuke The Fridge for updates as the situation progresses.