Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Teases Animated “World’s on Fire” Video at Anime Expo

During Crunchyroll’s panel at Anime Expo, Mike Shinoda took the stage to talk about the upcoming music video for his song “World’s on Fire” from his album “Post Traumatic.” In the clip below, Shinoda explained how anime and video games have shaped his career and interests before releasing a sample of the music video.

“My music and anime have had a long history crossing paths, from the fan videos edited over Linkin Park’s music, to our original video for ‘Breaking The Habit.’ This new video for ‘World’s On Fire’ is a lighthearted video that focuses on a female protagonist as she learns to control her unique power.”

The characters in the video are inspired by his children, but they do not have names yet (the characters, not his children). He is taking it upon his fans to give the characters their names. The music video will be released later this Summer. For more Anime Expo coverage, stay tuned here on Nuke The Fridge!