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Lego GHOSTBUSTERS Are Finally Here!

lego-ghostbusters-ecto-1_minifigure-lineup1Lego’s have been around for decades, & unlike losing the pieces, they have never lost the hours of enjoyment (or frustration if you can’t find a certain piece) they provide. With this year’s Toy Fair, Lego has displayed all new lines. One particular set that I’m excited about is the all new Ghostbusters set. Images are courtesy of Lego & Collider.






The Ghostbusters set will consist of 508 pieces. The Ecto-1 (the famous GB vehicle) will include a removable roof & seating for 3 figures. The Ecto-1 will be available in June & will retail at $49.99. Not a bad price compared to all of the other Lego sets.

Sources: Lego, Collider