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L.A. Noire gets a Switch trailer!

Third-party support for the Nintendo Switch is the gift that keeps on giving! Rockstar released today a trailer for the Switch version of L.A. Noire, a remaster of their award-winning game from 2011. This trailer shows off the Switch version’s unique features, such as an over-the-shoulder camera angle and touchscreen controls for portable play. There will also be motion controls that utilize the Joy-Cons as well. L.A. Noire is set in 1947 Los Angeles, where you play as detective Cole Phelps as he fights the city’s dangerous criminal underworld. The game launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC this Tuesday, November 14. Make sure you have a big MicroSD card with a minimum read speed of 60 MB/sec if you plan to buy it digitally as it is a whopping 27 GB! Read more on the store page.