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Kevin Smith Says That He Has Also Seen the List of the Rumored Future DC Movies


The internet was hit with some pretty major news last week that nobody really seen coming. The news was a list from Nikki Finke (creator of Deadline.com) of future DC films that are rumored to be coming out within the next few years. Here’s what the list was:

  • Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice- 2016
  • Shazam- 2016
  • Sandman- Christmas of 2016
  • Justice League-2017
  • Wonder Woman-2017
  • Flash/Green Lantern Team-up- Christmas 2017
  • Man of Steel 2- 2018

On the latest episode of Hollywood Babble-on, co- host Ralph Garman, read the list off. ┬áJust before reading the list, Kevin Smith said that he has had a list too. Garman then asked Smith if he could compare it to Finke’s, Smith replied by saying, “I’m not allowed to say but they showed me.” Smith did say that he looked at the list Garman had in his hand and that the layout is what he was also told.

Kevin Smith then said how happy he was to see all of these movies happening and how it’s a list that would make grumpy cat smile and how it would make Lana Del Rey want to live.

Are you all excited for this list?