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ava-and-boyd-talk-in-prisonThis week I had the chance to interview Joelle Carter for her role in the new horror film Jessabelle, out November 7 ( You can read that interview HERE ). When our conversation turned to Justified, the romantic in me couldn’t help asking if Ava (Carter) and Boyd (Walton Goggins) are still together in the show’s final season. Ava got out of prison on her own and Boyd made a deal for himself in season five.

“That’s to be revealed within the season,” Carter teased. “I think the way it ends, last season I get out of prison without his help and I know he made a deal with the marshals. The deal wasn’t to get me out. It was to leave him alone, so there’s always that hanging over our heads. But these two, they’re in love so I don’t know. We’ll see if they end up together or not.”

With showrunner Graham Yost ending the series after six seasons, Carter shared her hopes for her character. “I really want Ava to be thinking about Ava and taking care of Ava at the end, to really come out of this on top for herself, what’s best for her. She’s in a very difficult situation.”

Justified will return on FX in 2015 but Carter is already back on the set. “I mean, we’re only on the fifth, sixth and seventh episode,” she said. “It’s fun. We’re all really trying to enjoy it every day, even though there are some long, grueling days. It’s weird. It’s just surreal a little bit that we’re going to put these characters to bed and all go off and do different shows.It’s bittersweet actually but I think it’s going to be one of our best seasons ever. I mean, they’re just pulling out all the stops.”

When the time comes to say goodbye, Carter has hopes for a Justified themed wrap party. “I requested a honky tonk bull riding, fake bull riding, event. Instead of a Hollywoody glamorous wrap party, we should go all country. That’s the way I feel.”

Looking back at the current five seasons of Justified, Carter has many favorite Ava moments. “I really loved some of the more subtle moments with Boyd, when Boyd and Ava were really falling in love, season three or four, and definitely when he proposed to her. That was fun. I loved smacking Devil with a frying pan. [Laughs] You know, Ava’s a victim but she never lays down. She never quits or gives up. She’s always trying to find her way out of some really sh*tty situations. I love that about her, that it’s not in her DNA to quit or give up, not even really mourn too much about it, just move on. A lot of times she doesn’t think it through. She reacts, but I guess I love that about her too.”

It all goes back to the beginning for Carter though. “I always go back to why I really wanted the job. In the pilot, where Raylan comes to Ava’s door, she invites him in and she’s seducing him while she’s telling him of the demise of her husband, how she shot her husband. It just gave me such a rich character all in one scene that I was like oh God, if I could play this role, it would be amazing.”

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